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Everyone has to move, it is one of the staple industries providing a service that people are always willing to pay for to avoid the stress and anxiety associated with the transition from one home or business to another. The moving industry is largely fragmented and made up of local service providers without a common brand and consistent service offering from one market to another. Black Tie set out to change the way the moving industry has always been approached and raise the bar for standards, professionalism and customer expectations. The Black Tie Franchise is an extension of what has made the model so successful at the corporate locations in Texas, Tennessee, Ohio and California. The exceptional quality of service, branding and focus on the customer experience has helped the Black Tie brand be acknowledged by Inc. Magazine (#391 on Inc. 500 List 2017 for Fastest Growth) the Better Business Bureau (A+ BBB Rating), Forbes Magazine ("How Service Leads to Sales", March 2017) along with many others. Seriously, how many moving companies do you know that have over 600 5-star reviews ( )? There is a reason why Rascal Flatts Lead Singer, Gary LeVox is a partner with Black Tie. The Black Tie Franchise offering is consistent with the consumer service offering where quality, consistency and professionalism are paramount to what makes us special and effective.


Our Mission:

Provide the best moving service franchise with the highest quality support, brand and business systems to effectively replicate our premium moving service business model.

Why The Moving Industry?

Everyone has to move and so few enjoy it. For this simple reason, the moving service market segment has grown and grown fast over the past five years. In addition, moving is a delicate, personal process with personal belongings and personal space being handled by outside parties. For this reason, people want a brand like Black Tie and a professional organization to handle their moving needs. The following statistics show the compelling nature of the moving business and why the market is attractive:

  • * Total Revenue in 2017 in the U.S. = $18 Billion
  • * Annual Growth in the Market (2012-2017) = 2.8% per year
  • * Total Employment in Moving Services = 106,534 people
  • * Growth in Housing Market leads to Growth in Moving Industry
  • * Demand for Housing from Millennials Increasing Significantly
  • * Over 16,000 service providers, largely single location "Mom and Pop" operators

Validation and Background

The Black Tie Moving leadership team came into the moving business with experience in a variety of industry segments which allowed the business to be shaped and planned from a non-mover perspective. This focus helped the brand differentiate immediately and raise the bar significantly when it came to quality of service and level of professionalism traditionally unheard of in the moving services market. The 8 corporate locations have excelled in different markets and consistently stepped out in front of the market as premium quality moving service providers.

Total Training and Support

The Black Tie franchise offers a complete business solution with unrivaled training, support and systems to help franchise owners get started quickly, efficiently and effectively. The marketing and sales model has been defined to be replicated easily and help ramp up new business in markets in a streamlined and effective process. The operations and management side of the business has been developed to allow people with a non-moving background to easily and effectively scale the operations and manage day to day business with ease. The Black Tie franchise offers a business to franchisees, not a job, which creates both income and the ability to grow an asset for you and your family.

A Financial Model that Works

The Black Tie franchise model offers financial viability and significant opportunity for growth. The corporate locations have performed well in a wide range of markets proving the model's effectiveness. Our Dallas location generated $5.7 million in 2017 and has continued to expand at a rapid pace in addition to Nashville and Memphis both exceeding $1 million in annual revenue. (Review our Item 19 for additional financial information).

The Black Tie Franchise Process:

  • Research

    Get to know the brand. Initial Call with our Franchise Team.

    Visit Our Website
  • Application Review

    Fill out the Application. Management Call.

  • Discovery Day

    Come meet the Family.

  • Approval & Launch

    Once Application is approved we schedule training and Help you get your Black Tie Location up and running!

Black Tie Moving Investment

*These figures represent the average initial investment needed to open a Black Tie Moving franchise business. This range of investment includes working capital, lease of the truck along with all initial expenses, please review the Item 7 in FDD for additional information.




$128,300 - $202,800

About Black Tie Moving

The Black Tie business model was founded in 2013 and has since opened 8 corporate locations in Ohio, California, Tennessee, and Texas. The business model is based on years of diverse business experience by the Black Tie leadership team. The Brand has been defined by a core focus on quality service, professionalism and structured business modeling allowing the business to scale and provide consistent service to a wide range of markets.

The goal of a Black Tie Moving franchisee is to take care of the entire moving process, from beginning to end and create an exceptional experience for the client. From packing to loading unloading, and even storage, the Black Tie professional movers are able to facilitate a full relocation process and make moving stress-free. Each franchise unit offers premium, yet affordable services that address typical concerns when a customer is looking to make a move, whether it is residential, commercial, concierge or more.

Black Tie Moving intends to create a nationally branded franchise by establishing: consistent methods of operation, policies and procedures that ensure high quality customer service and partnering with franchisees who exemplify the qualities, traits and characteristics we know make the difference.

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